Mitigating Security and Privacy Risks in the Cloud

Raed Abu-Zitar


Within the fast growing era of the internet and distributed systems, a need presented itself to establish a virtual platform where you can perform all your tasks and computations without incurring all the costs associated with building an infrastructure, maintaining it and at the end having to upgrade it in order not to lose your competitive advantage. That need was translated into a scheme called “Cloud Computing”.

As the case with any cut of the edge technology, there are people who support the trend and others who oppose it; usually for good reasons. The main concern for adopting cloud computing in a wide scale implementation is the security and privacy issues that can be viewed as residual risks associated with the cloud.

In this research paper, we are going to present these security and privacy setbacks and explain how they can tremendously affect the shift to the cloud computing scheme. Another pillar in our research is how to mitigate these risks by addressing the cause/result of each one of them to hinder their ability to limit the scope of adoption for the cloud.      

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