Study the effect of Partial Shade on PV arrays with different connection topologies in MATLAB/Simulink

Mo'ath Yousef AbuTo'amah


In this paper, detailed studying of the effect of partial shade on Photovoltaic (PV) arrays, which represent one of the most well-known problem that affect this field of renewable energy, because of that matter, this paper discuss this issue and make a detailed discussion for different connection topologies that used to increase the efficiency of the PV system under Partial Shade.

This paper using MATLAB/Simulink to analyze three different connection topologies of PV modules under partial shade conditions (PSC), these topologies are the Series-Parallel connection (SP), Total-Cross-Tie (TCT), and Bridge-Linked (BL).The results in the study help the workers in this field to choose the best connection topology for PV power system and reach to that; the Total-Cross-Tie (TCT) topology is the best.




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ISSN: 2220-234X