Protection of Double Circuit Transmission Line Integrated with Wind Farm Using Wavelet Transform

Gaurav Kapoor, Deepika Sharma, Shilpa Agarwal


In this paper, a new concept of wavelet transform (WT)-based technique is introduced to detect various types of shunt faults in a wind farm integrated double circuit transmission line. The information of fault contained in the current signals of both circuits is captured using wavelet transform. The fifth level detail coefficients of current signals of both circuits are then calculated which aspires at detecting the fault and identifying the faulty phase. Test results show that the proposed fault detection scheme effectively detects the fault and discriminates the faulted phase. The proposed technique offers primary protection to the total transmission length using data recorded at relaying location only. The fault cases such as variation in fault type, fault resistance, close-in faults, remote-end faults, transforming faults, multi-location faults and cross-country faults are taken into account.



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ISSN: 2220-234X